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As stated elsewhere, we don't ship glögg, but Applejack does! Go to, click on their shipping tab and see what states they ship to. If they're out of stock, please let us know, so we can fill them up.

In the future, we plan to manufacture and sell "summer glögg", as refreshing and cool as the winter glögg is warm and soothing. We will also have T-shirts and glögg mugs for sale. And there might be a glögg blog...


In addition to spices, our glögg contains only locally sourced products from the Grand Junction area. Colo-proud-o!


As mentioned elsewhere, it's traditionally served warm, but not boiling hot! That would literally be a buzz kill, since alcohol doesn't boil well. Heat it up on the stove or in the microwave oven. It can also be had cold, of course!


Speaking of glögg mugs, small coffee, or espresso cups are ideal for serving glögg. To add a very traditional touch, add some coarsely crushed almonds and raisins to the cup.







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